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Plans for the Future

A statement from from Chairman Buck Buchanan:

"We plan to rebuild on the McNasby's Oyster Co. plant and 'Barge House' sites. In conjunction with the City of Annapolis, we will design and construct a building that will be an efficient, handsome, purpose-built museum structure incorporating a 'Maritime Cafe' food service facility, docks and decks, and more parking than originally envisioned. While being a contemporary building, it will capture the ambiance and look of McNasby's as much as possible. The Chesapeake Bay Gateways facilities and parklike setting will be restored, and the indoor/outdoor 'Oysters on the Halfshell' exhibit will be constructed. It is believed that Federal disaster assistance funds will augment the private donation campaign already planned.

Short-term, we are seeking a highly visible temporary office and display facility on Main Street or around City Dock. This will be 'headquarters' during the rebuild stage.

Development of the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse program will continue unabated.

Longer-term, we are working to develop a display kiosk on or near City Dock, and a second exhibition and education center on Spa Creek in the heart of Annapolis."

October 8, 2003


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