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300 Years of History Waiting to be Told

The Barge House was constructed on or about 1916. It is reputed to be one of three barges that were brought onto land at Bayshore Drive. The barges were renovated as houses, characteristic of the type built in Eastport between the 1890s and 1930s.

Founded in 1868, Eastport was a working-class community of watermen, tradesmen, boatbuilders, and US Naval Academy workers.

Operated by the Eastport Historical Committee, the Barge House Museum featured a large collection of photographs and artifacts related to the maritime and cultural history of the Eastport Peninsula.

We have changed the Museum's name to represent the broader scope of the story it has to tell: the many facets of the nearly 300-year story of men and women living and working in and around our port city, dependent upon and multiplying the benefits of life near and on the water.

Scope of the Museum's Work: Historic Seaport, Boat Building, Commercial Shipping, The Seafood Industry, Naval Ship Building, Yacht Construction, Recreational Boating, Boatyards and Services

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